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How to Download and Use Archshaders Vol. 3 for Vray

Archshaders Vol. 3 is a collection of high-quality materials and textures for 3ds Max and Vray. It includes stone, wood, glass, concrete, plastic, fabric, skin, car paint and more. Archshaders Vol. 3 is compatible with Vray 3.x and above, and supports CUDA rendering. If you are looking for a way to enhance your 3D scenes with realistic and detailed materials, Archshaders Vol. 3 is a great choice.

In this article, we will show you how to download and use Archshaders Vol. 3 for Vray in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Download Archshaders Vol. 3

The first step is to download Archshaders Vol. 3 from a reliable source. You can find it on various websites that offer 3D resources, such as or The total size of the download is about 500 MB, and it comes in a RAR file that contains a PDF catalog and a setup file.

Step 2: Install Archshaders Vol. 3

The second step is to install Archshaders Vol. 3 on your computer. To do this, you need to extract the RAR file and run the setup file. The setup file will automatically detect your 3ds Max and Vray versions and install the materials in the appropriate folders. You can also choose a custom installation path if you prefer.

Step 3: Use Archshaders Vol. 3

The third step is to use Archshaders Vol. 3 in your 3D projects. To do this, you need to open your 3ds Max and go to the Material Editor. There, you will find a new category called Archshaders under the Vray Materials section. You can browse through the different materials and preview them in the Material Editor window. To apply a material to an object, simply drag and drop it from the Material Editor to the object in the viewport.

Archshaders Vol. 3 materials are fully customizable and adjustable. You can change their parameters such as color, glossiness, bump, displacement, reflection, opacity and more in the Material Editor. You can also mix and match different materials to create your own unique combinations.


Archshaders Vol. 3 is a valuable asset for any 3D artist who works with 3ds Max and Vray. It provides a wide range of realistic and detailed materials and textures that can enhance any scene. Downloading and using Archshaders Vol. 3 is easy and fast, thanks to its simple installation process and user-friendly interface.

If you want to learn more about Archshaders Vol. 3 or see some examples of its application, you can visit the official website of Evermotion, one of the oldest and most professional companies producing object, training, and accessory files for graphic designers here.

Benefits of Archshaders Vol. 3

Archshaders Vol. 3 has many benefits for 3D artists who want to create realistic and stunning scenes with 3ds Max and Vray. Some of these benefits are:

It saves time and effort. You don't have to create your own materials from scratch or search for them online. You can simply use the ready-made materials from Archshaders Vol. 3 and apply them to your objects with a few clicks.

It improves quality and realism. The materials from Archshaders Vol. 3 are based on real-world samples and have high-resolution textures and accurate physical properties. They can make your objects look more natural and believable in any lighting and environment.

It increases creativity and variety. You can choose from hundreds of different materials and textures that cover various categories and styles. You can also customize them to suit your needs and preferences, or combine them to create new effects.

Archshaders Vol. 3 is a must-have for any 3D artist who wants to take their 3D scenes to the next level with 3ds Max and Vray. ec8f644aee

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