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One Piece Episode 964 [REPACK]

I just found this forum after experiencing Brain Fog/lightheaded symptoms since March (7 months). Seems like these are common and long-running symptoms of many people. My symptoms came on all at once, following a brief episode where I thought I was going to black out, but never did. This was approx 6 weeks after my 2nd Pfizer dose on Jan 12. Since then, fog and lightheadedness have persisted. Also occasional Anxiousness, though this is becoming less frequent.

One Piece Episode 964

Due to the length of time between my 2nd vaccine shot and the 'episode' I didn't have any reason to believe they were connected. The standard tests ordered by my doctor included an ECG and Echocardiogram as well as blood tests to check various things including my thyroid. Everything came back negative showing I had a strong ticker and no thyroid issue. Took B12 for a month without any changes either. 041b061a72

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