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For malware blocking, Malwarebytes, Norton AntiVirus Plus, and Webroot were the only three antivirus products that received 5-star protection. Kaspersky earned the fourth-best score, while AVG Free proved much more inconsistent.

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Webroot AntiVirus Plus has better malware prevention, malware blocking, and performance tools. Webroot has a small staff of programmers and very few consultants, which helps explain why Webroot's innovative tools are consistently in the cutting edge. Norton AntiVirus Plus has a larger staff but not as many consultants as Webroot. AVG Free's online tools, while easy to use, don't have the features of Webroot's, so they don't have the same level of flexibility. The better they are, the more likely they are to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and improvements in malware.

The popup package came with the printer. It's a "driver" but not a full driver. It's just a setup program which is a really bad way to uninstall. I'm trying to find a driver for the printer on the HP website. I have found two driver files for different versions and none are working. I've uninstalled the setup program. HP website doesn't have a driver for the driver I need to install. Do you know any methods on how to download a new driver to the HP printer?

Radmin is a free and easy-to-use secure and private solution that offers the ability to chat and act as a fully-functional remote desktop application and remote control software, which, when combined with the phone-based instant messaging functionality, enables you to make secure and cost-effective communication and collaboration solutions with the users on your network.

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