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5 Things You Didn't Know Alexa Can Do Amazon Alexa

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5 Things You Didn't Know Alexa Can Do

Want to know more things you can do with your Amazon Echo Check out these six essential Amazon Echo tips you'll use daily, how to turn your Fire TV into a larger Echo Show and how you can still use your Echo when you're not home.

When you consider the possible third-party commands through Skills -- essentially the apps of Amazon's Alexa -- the list goes on even further. To learn what individual skills are capable of, visit the skill's page from the Amazon Alexa app or

Say Alexa: enable opening bell, then echo will enable it & even tell u how to use it, I get whatever stock quote I ask echo for, sounds to me like u should do a lil more googling about things alexa can do & how to enable it. Go to the Alexa app & scroll to the skills section u can browse threw a bunch there, I use mine for everything & I just have the echo dot.

This might be after software updates or something of the sort, or even a dip in power might force the light to go on. Have you checked in the alexa app that it was definitely Alexa that switched it on IE dont look in the ST app, look in the alexa app to see that the command came from there.

Thanks for this, I'm still working through the instructions, but our situation is further hampered by having father in law half way around the world. It sounds like we need to setup alexa app on his cell phone there, configure the show to his account (or I can add it to my account and he can drop in anytime). I'm trying to decipher how to do drop in on my sis in law show so that my wife, sis in law and dad in law can do group drop in vid calls.

Great article! Thank you! But I must haved missed step or I didn't turn something mom can make outgoing calls on her echo show via her google number, but when I call it from my echo show or cell phone it rolls over to voice mail. I have looked in both the alexa app with her settings and on google voice mail and can not figure out how to make call to her. Thank you for your help!!

Despite being the no.1 contender to the SmackDown Women's Championship Alexa is still a relatively unknown entity. So we at SportsKeeda felt this would be the perfect time to shed a little light on the 25-year old. You already know that Bliss bases her in-ring attire off of DC character Harley Quinn, but here are five amazing things you don't know about her...

It also doesn't do everything. "Alexa, where is my bicycle" asks one of the kids. Of course the answer you want is "I don't know where your bicycle is," but what you get is "I didn't understand your request." Which, oddly enough, feels a little too formal.

Taken overall though, the Echo really does feel like a step forward in technology. It actively improves your life. You can simply ask for things out loud and get the answer. You can turn on the radio without having to press anything. You can find out valuable information while doing something else. It's like having a knowledgeable aunt. And the part that makes it better than a fad is that it does so without getting in your way. It is simply there. 59ce067264

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