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Asher Brooks
Asher Brooks

Introduction To International Legal English Pdf Teacher

Since 1992, this intensive program has provided an ideal introduction to and review of English and legal analysis as used by legal professionals in the United States. Interactive and supporting, English for Legal Professionals provides excellent preparation for legal professionals or law students who want to improve their legal English and legal analysis or who are preparing to enroll in an LL.M. program.

Introduction To International Legal English Pdf Teacher

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For international students planning to undertake law studies in the U.S., the program provides the foundation and skills needed to successfully complete their studies in any challenging U.S. law school environment. Students trained in a civil law legal system particularly benefit from the introduction to the structure of legal reasoning in the U.S. common law system and from the opportunity to refine both oral and written communication skills in English within the U.S. legal context.

The Institute program focuses on three areas: Introduction to the American Legal System and Practice in a comparative setting, Legal Skills and Methodology and Legal English. Sample topics include introduction to constitutional law and branches of government, criminal and civil court systems and procedures, alternative dispute resolution and legal analysis in the U.S. common law system.

Through the analysis of the basic disciplines of law, a first acquaintance with legal thinking and methodology is made. Students are taught the basic Latin and legal terminology as well as the terminology of international treaties in Greek and English language. The students are acquainted with basic concepts of international law (international conventions, sources of international law, state, territory, territorial integrity and its restrictions). Special attention is given to criminal liability, protection of human rights, in crimes included in the Statute of the International Criminal Court (genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression) and to issues of protection of minorities.

International Human Rights Law considers protection of the individual as developed through organs of the United Nations, other international institutions, and at regional and domestic levels in the North and in the South. The program seeks to give students a thorough grounding in the theoretical underpinnings of human rights law and in the methods of solid multidisciplinary research that are required for investigating legal issues pertaining to human rights. It is intended for those presently working, or desiring to work, in humanitarian organizations, in government departments and agencies concerned with humanitarian issues, or in other public, private and international sectors where there is increasingly a need for persons who have an understanding of the law and legal consequences of human rights within an international framework.

The dual degree option enables good students to prepare for a postgraduate degree while completing the requirements for the BA in Political Science. Non-law students who achieve a MA Degree under the auspices of the Law Department at AUC qualify for better jobs in Egypt or abroad, or pursue a legal education at prestigious law schools in the United States and elsewhere. The MA degree also provides students with the necessary expertise in international human rights law and with the intellectual, analytical and communication tools needed to intervene critically and effectively in the global policy debates confronting their societies as policy makers, academics, activists and international civil servants.

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