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Toshiba Laptop Lookup By Serial Number


For Computers, Televisions or Tablets. Enter your serial and model number below to verify the terms, status, repair options, and expiration date of your standard limited warranty or Dynabook & Toshiba services warranty upgrade or extension.

Toshiba's been a major player in the laptop market for decades, which means there are an awful lot of different Toshiba models out there. That can be a bit frustrating when you're trying to get help or upgrades for your laptop because tracking down what you need usually requires having a model number or part number. Those are provided with all Toshiba laptops if you know where to look, and you can find that information even if the label has worn off.

All Toshiba laptops have their model and serial numbers printed on them at the factory. Sometimes they're printed on a label located on the underside of the computer or inside the battery compartment. You might also find your model number laser-etched into the case itself. Laser etching is a bit harder to spot than a black and white label, but it won't wear out, get smudged or be worn off the way printed labels can. Whether it's printed or etched, you'll find three pieces of pertinent information there. One is the actual model number of your computer, the way it's described on Toshiba's website and product literature. You'll also see the product number or part number, which tells Toshiba support which options they'll find in your computer. Finally, there's the serial number, which identifies your specific machine.

If you browse the laptop models available on Toshiba's website, you'll see that a lot of them are available in custom configurations. That's great if you're looking to personalize a computer that fits your needs exactly, but in the future, it might complicate life for any technician or support person who is helping you with a problem. With built-to-order computers, all you have is the first part of the model number, because the second half, which would normally indicate a standard set of options, isn't applicable. In those cases, the detailed information Toshiba's support staff would need is contained in the second half of the part number or product number.

Not all Toshiba laptops have the Diagnostic Utility installed on them, but there's a similar program available for download from the company's site. It's a simple application called the Toshiba Product Information Utility, and it shows your laptop's model and serial numbers. You'll find a link to the program on Toshiba's FAQ pages. When you click it, you are prompted to save the program to your computer. After it is saved, you can double-click to run it and get the product information.

Identifying the correct laptop brand, series, model number, screen size and resolution is essential to finding the correct part for your laptop. The laptop series is typically more prominently displayed as part of the branding of your laptop, typically on the top cover, or on the keyboard area or display panel area of your laptop when you open it up. However, laptop model numbers are not always easy to find. Please select your laptop manufacturer, below, to get help identifying your correct model and series. Please note that some manufacturers have both a series AND a model number, you will need to identify both of these numbers to find your part. Other manufacturers only require a series to be identified, as shown below.

To help assist with ANR's asset inventory, this guideline will provide instructions on looking up necessary device information such as Model number and Serial number. A device is considered to be a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone owned by the University of California.

Choose Apple Menu > About This Mac to get an overview of your Mac, including your Mac model, processor, memory, serial number, and version of macOS. To see the greater detail provided by System Information, click the System Report button.

A serial number helps identify your specific machine

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