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Sean Grandchamp

Transexual Girls

Chelsea Mitchell, 18, is another cisgender woman who says she lost several state track titles after running against two trans girls in high school. Mitchell came in third place, behind the two transgender girls.

transexual girls

Men generally have an inherent performance advantage over women due to their average greater height and muscle mass and power, as the result of correspondingly different exposures to androgens. Therefore, it is considered fair that in sports men and women compete in separate categories. The question now emerging is whether reassigned transsexuals can compete in fairness with others of their new sex. The pertinent question is how far the previous effects of testosterone in male-to-female transsexuals (M-F) are reversible upon androgen deprivation so that M-F have no advantage over women, and, vice versa, what the effects are of androgen exposure in female-to-male transsexuals (F-M) on variables relevant to competition in sports. Before puberty, boys and girls do not differ in height, muscle and bone mass. Recent information shows convincingly that actual levels of circulating testosterone determine largely muscle mass and strength, though with considerable interindividual diversity. This study analyzed the effects of androgen deprivation in 19 M-F and of androgen administration to 17 F-M on muscle mass, hemoglobin (Hb) and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). Before cross-sex hormone administration, there was a considerable overlap in muscle mass between M-F and F-M. In both M-F and F-M, height was a strong predictor of muscle mass. Androgen deprivation of M-F decreased muscle mass, increasing the overlap with untreated F-M, but mean muscle mass remained significantly higher in M-F than in F-M. Androgen administration to F-M increased muscle mass without inducing an advantage over nontreated M-F. The conclusion is that androgen deprivation in M-F increases the overlap in muscle mass with women but does not reverse it, statistically. The question of whether reassigned M-F can fairly compete with women depends on what degree of arbitrariness one wishes to accept, keeping in mind, for instance, that similar blood testosterone levels in men have profoundly different biologic effects on muscle properties, rendering competition in sports intrinsically a matter of how nature endows individuals for this competition.

Hot Girl Megan has several times teased that she likes the ladies, never more so than when she went on Instagram Live and said "I'm a free agent on the ladies side. I'm looking for a new girlfriend if anybody trying to be a hot girl. I like petite tings with tattoos, that's my type." She also said she likes "Spanish girls with big old asses, petite Black girls, and thick Spanish girls."

Across the country, if parental testimonials gathered on the Free to Speak website are to be believed, something profound is occurring in schools under the banner of tolerance and inclusivity. Children are being encouraged to challenge their fundamental biology, to question their sex and the deepest assumptions they have made about their identities. It can be the beginning of a journey leading ultimately to irreversible sex-change surgery. And it is adolescent girls who are most affected.

The girls in the study often had something else in common too. Forty-one per cent of those identifying as trangender had previously said they were not heterosexual; almost two-thirds had been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, with many on the autistic spectrum.

Such findings are controversial. But respected studies have found that girls with autism, or who have experienced eating disorders, are much more likely to suffer gender dysphoria and claim a new gender identity. A government review found that about one-third of children and young people being referred to Tavistock had autism or other neurodiversity.

The findings also suggest that researchers should investigate how autism presents in gender-diverse people, Warrier adds. Researchers have often missed autism in cisgender girls because they tend to show different traits than cisgender boys do, and the same may be true for gender-diverse people. 041b061a72

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