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Blast Away the Aliens with Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter on PC

This game is just like your old-school alien shooting games but with a better twist. You will encounter several aliens and big bosses trying to shoot you down. And the only thing you must do is to move forward, dodge, and attack the enemies once you reach them. If you want in on the fun, check out Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter game for PC today and download the game on your desktop!

During the game, it is best to move around and not too close to the aliens. Move side to side so that you have room to dodge if ever an alien decides to attack you. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter also has the big bosses in which you have to destroy certain parts before they go kaput. If this is too difficult for you, know that you can always adjust the difficulty level.

download galaxy attack alien shooter for pc

The galactic galaxies are attacked by aliens, they are very dangerous and dangerous, navigate your spaceship gently to dodge their bullets and attack back to protect their galaxy. dozen. Either you die, or they die, you only have three times to carry out this task. The game is so familiar that you will not have trouble playing it. Games are arranged from hard to hard, there will be no level easy for you. Show your bravery now, be a galactic hero. Download now.

Halo 2 for Windows Vista is a first person action shooter that takes place in the same science fiction universe as Halo, where humans have occupied numerous worlds due to the development of superluminal travel. More than 32 years before the beginning of Halo 2, the outer colony world of Harvest was destroyed by a collection of alien races, called the Covenant. Since then, the humans and covenant have been locked into a bloody war. Shortly before the events of Halo 2, the Master Chief heads to Earth after destroying a covenant fleet to warn of an impending covenant attack on humanity's home planet.

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